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So I've got 50 watchers now, and I figure it's time to abuse that, for charity, that is.

If you frequent Reddit and /r/mylittlepony, you've probably at least heard of a friendly contest called Benders Vs. Bronies, where the /r/mylittlepony sub and /r/TheLastAirbender competed in three challenges, with the teams receiving points for their performance in each stage.

The first stage involved the World Community Grid. Basically, you allow your computer to contribute any CPU you're not using to helping solve important world issues, like AIDS research. You can see a summary of that stage here:…

The second stage was an art contest, where both teams had to make some art featuring the subject of their fandom, and Snoo, the reddit mascot. Each team's mods then chose five submissions, which were passed on to the Reddit Admins for judging. Again, an explanation of that stage here:…

The third stage was a charity donation contest. Both teams donated to a "Without Borders" project, with Benders donating to Engineers Without Borders and Bronies donating to Doctors Without Borders. That stage is explained here:…

In the end, both teams did great, raising 124 years of computing time, and $25,299 for both charities. Bronies did end up winning, but with an amazing effort like that, it hardly mattered who won.

So this is all great, but why am I writing this? Well, we're doing it again.

This year, it's The CCCC: The Combined Community Charity Challenge

We're stepping it up. Last time, it was just two reddit subs, but now, we're pulling two more fandoms in with us. Now we've got Bronies vs. Benders vs. Potterheads vs. Adventurers. And although each sub is acting as the contest hub for their fandom, it's open to all the web, and anyone who wants to take part.

This challenge will be split into four stages:

The first, once again, will be another computing contest. This year your spare computing power will contribute to determining the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins, which is important to be able to fold them. Once you fold a protein, it effectively can no longer reproduce it's self. Diseases that can be cured through this method include HIV, Malaria, Cancer, and Alzheimer's. This is a pretty simple explanation, and I'm not a medical student, so if anyone wants to correct me, feel free. This stage has already started, and Bronies can get their information here. For the other teams, I'll post links for them at the end.

The next three stages haven't started yet, and their details haven't been revealed. Here's all the information I have on them:
  1. Computing (Nov. 17th - Jan. 19th)
  2. Creation (Dec. 1st - Dec. 22nd)

  3. Creatures (Dec. 22nd - Jan. 5th)

  4. Charity (Jan. 5th - Jan. 19th)

Here are the links to each teams main post:





If you need help setting things up for the first stage, I recommend checking out the Brony post for it. There are lots of users who have done it before, and they can help.

Additionally, there are prizes available to contest participants, though a reddit account is require to win. They're free, and don't even require an email though, so feel free to make one. Lastly, spread the word around. The more people who contribute, the better.


United States

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